"There's only one pet like yours."
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Susie's Country Inn for Dogs and Cats
A little about us...
In the early 1980's, Bill and Susie Osborn bought their son, Bobby, his first dog. The family chose a red and white Alaskan Malamute named Timber. Unknown to the Osborns, this decision would lead to the creation of Susie's Country Inn. Susie began obedience training with Timber, which evolved into Susie's love of training dogs and would eventually grow her "pack" of dogs to nine, ranging from Timber, an Akita, Shelties, and Pomeranians. By the late 1980's, Susie was a professional trainer and the Osborns were experienced in the "pet care" field.

Susie would have to rent space at local boarding facilities in order to hold her training classes. She couldn't help but notice the trends and standards of most pet boarding businesses and disagreed with the way the industry operated. This motivated Susie to chase a dream of a facility that "did it right" and gave people a better option of pet care. At that time, Bill and Susie began to look for a facility to buy and operate for themselves. In 1991, they found this facility at our current location. It was horribly run down, over grown with brush, and needed extensive remodeling. After a year and a half of blood, sweat and tears, in October of 1993, Susie's vision became a reality, and Susie's Country Inn was open for business.

We have taken Susie's vision and applied a dedicated approach to high standards of cleanliness, warmth and loving care that resignates in our surroundings, our staff, and even you and your pets. As soon as you pull into our parking lot, there is no doubt that this place is special. Our goal is to build a relationship of trust and care with every pet and pet owner that decides to board wih us. We do it different...we do it better because we truly care about every sweet soul and heart that stays with us.
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