"There's only one pet like yours."
7418 NE 159th Street Vancouver WA 98662
Phone (360)576-5959 - Fax (360)576-8249
E-Mail us at: k9hotel@qwestoffice.net
Dave is your "bend over backwards" type of guy. He shows up every day, with a great attitude and works so hard to help us achieve our goals. Dave started working for us in January of 2006 and we have been so thankful ever since. We wish we had three more Daves around here. Thanks for your hard work Dave and we look forward to many more years of your service.
Susie's Country Inn for Dogs and Cats
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Zach started working for us in August of 2010 and we were very pleased to land this young man. You want employees who will accept your guidance and give you 100% day after day. That is Zach. Good work ethic and positive attitudes are hard to find in young people, so we are glad we landed this one.
Cassie came to work for us in June 2011. Another solid, young personality that shows up every day with a great attitude and awesome work ethic. She loves dogs and enjoys her time with all the pets. Despite going to a local college and taking classes, Cassie puts in her forty hours and never misses a beat.
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